Refuge In A Minute

If I were to try to sum up what we hope Refuge Church to be in one minute, I would say that we aspire to be a church of gospel doctrine and gospel culture.

By gospel doctrine, I mean that the person and work of Jesus - His perfect life, His substitutionary death on the cross for our sins, and His glorious Resurrection - are the heart and soul of everything we do as a church. This Good News is the lifeblood of every sermon, the center of every gathering and central in every Community Group conversation and children's lesson. We want to be a church that simply drips with the good news of the Gospel at every turn. 

We also believe that this Good News message, when rightfully embraced, also creates a certain kind of culture in our midst.

A gospel culture. 

A culture where grace is the rule. A place where "the pressure is off" and there's no need to pretend you are perfect, your children are always under control, and that your entire life glistens like a well-filtered Instagram photo. A gospel culture is a place where the gospel frees you to be who you are, where you are, as we are all being remade by the Lord Jesus. 

The Refuge Church that we are asking the Lord to create is a place of safety, humility, and growth that's always on lookout for fellow strugglers to join the journey with us. 

If this sounds like kind of church for you - a church of gospel doctrine and gospel culture - we would love to have you join us soon.

Pastor Dustin